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Drainage and Water Run Off 
We specialize in the diagnosis, design, and implementation of all your drainage problems! Professional home inspectors say the number one issue homeowners face is drainage and water run off problems around basements and foundations. 

We have years of experience in residential and commercial applications, including the construction of retaining walls, basement moisture issues, and foundation drains. We work closely with the homeowner to resolve drainage issues.
At Timothy Holleman, General Contractor, Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality service personalized for their unique needs.
Pond Construction
We can analyze the potential site, design, clear the land, and build ponds of all sizes. We can also diagnose and repair existing pond issues. We have many previous projects for you to visit in person or to view online.
Water and Sewer Line Installation
​We will work with government agencies to design and install water/sewer lines for residential and commercial applications. With over 25 years of water and sewer line installation, we can meet your every need.
We will NEVER send unwanted advertisements!
​Land Clearing and Road Construction
Our experienced machine operators can clear your land and remove or dispose of debris and stumps at the lowest cost possible!  We have many customers who would be glad to  share their experience with you. These services often include building roads and creek crossings.